Manitoba Coalition for Safer Waters


The Manitoba Coalition for Safer Waters exists so that all Manitobans have the attitude, knowledge and skill required to make informed decisions about their safety and safety of others when participating in activities in, on, or around the water and ice.

The Manitoba Coalition for Safer Waters (MCSW) is guided by the Manitoba Water Safety and Drowning Prevention Strategy, last updated and renewed in February 2015 for an additional five years. Members of the Manitoba Coalition for Safer Waters participated in consultations that included reviewing the 2005 strategy and setting goals and priorities for the 2015 to 2020 plan. This strategy was created after Manitoba Health, Healthy Living and Seniors renewed the provincial injury prevention strategy. Ultimately, the vision outlined in the strategy is one of safe waters and a drowning-free Manitoba.

UPDATE: The application period for the 2022 Community Water Safety Grants is now open. Click here for more information about the application process and the application form.