2015_mcsw_logoWelcome to the new website for the Manitoba Coalition for Safer Waters!

The Manitoba Coalition for Safer Waters exists so that all Manitobans have the attitude, knowledge, and skill required to make informed decisions about their safety and safety of others when participating in activities in, on, or around the water and ice.

Please check back as we continue to add more information to help you keep Manitoba’s waters safe.

Community Water Safety Grants

Applications open for 2018! Drowning prevention is a high priority in our province. The Manitoba Coalition for Safer Waters, its affiliated member organizations together with the Province of Manitoba make grants available to community organizations who want to help reduce drownings by improving water safety in their communities. Apply for a one-time grant for up to two thousand five hundred ($2,500.00) dollars for your drowning prevention initiative. For more information, please click here


What Guides Us?

In February 2015, the Manitoba Water Safety and Drowning Prevention Strategy was renewed and updated for an additional five years. Members of the Manitoba Coalition for Safer Waters (MCSW) participated in consultations that included reviewing the 2005 strategy and setting goals and priorities for the 2015 to 2020 plan. This strategy was created after Manitoba Health, Healthy Living and Seniors renewed the provincial injury prevention strategy. Ultimately, the vision outlined in the strategy is one of safe waters and a drowning-free Manitoba. Click Here to Read the Strategy.